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Following on from the incredible success of the inaugural MADi Ball Rally, the charity has decided to launch MADI Bally Rally Part Deux, which will carry a distinct 1970’s and 1980’s modern classics theme. This is in response to overwhelming demand from the drivers and co-drivers from the 2015 event, which raised in excess of £130,000.

With half of the drivers from the 2015 event re-booking, space is limited and there are just a few slots left on the grid for the 2016 rally, which will start and finish in France this year. The first night will see the team arrive at the 4 star La Chartreuse Du Val Saint Espirit on the Tuesday with the aim of reaching Monaco by Friday.

On day 2 the teams will head off to Auberge De Templiers, a 5 star hotel in a former 12th Century coaching inn, just an hour south of Paris at the gateway to the iconic Vallee de la Loire. Passing the famous chateaux on day 3, the teams will head to one of the features of this years’ event, Chateuau Bagnols, a spectacular old castle in the hills to the west of Lyon.

On the final day in the cars, the teams will arrive at Monaco, staying at the Le Meridien beach Plaza, Monte Carlo as they did in 2015, before dinner and cocktails at the Buddha Bar just off Casino Square. On Saturday the teams will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique delights of Monaco, before flying home on the Sunday. The cars will be then expertly transported home to everyone’s home address, early the following week.

Leon Day, co-founder of MADi Fundraising commented: ‘The 2016 MADi Ball Rally will surpass the first event, with less driving and more time in which to enjoy rural France. With over 50% re-booking, it shows that we’ve really captured the imagination of people in this industry who appreciate our distinct pay to play philosophy.

He continues: ‘A massive thank you must also go out to the FIT Show and Kömmerling as headline sponsors, without them the event could not go ahead. We’ve also received further support from Rehau and look forward to the introduction of other supporters.’

For further information log on, e-mail [email protected] or help spread the word via Twitter @madifundraising.



In keeping with their distinct motoring theme towards raising much needed funds for the Anthony Nolan Trust, MADi Fundraising are now auctioning off a brand new and authentic, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in silver and gold.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona was designed to meet the demands of professional racing drivers when it was introduced in 1963. With its highly reliable chronograph and bezel with tachymetric scale, it allows drivers to perfectly measure average speeds up to 400 kilometres or miles per hour, as they choose. It’s also a watch icon eternally joined in name and function to the high‑performance world of motor sport.
The auction will close on midnight 22nd February 2016, with all funds going direct to the Anthony Nolan Trust. The lucky winner will be notified later that week with the watch being presented within 7 days of notification. With a number of bids already in, the founders of MADi Fundraising are hoping to raise in excess of £8,000.

Leon Day, co-founder of MADi Fundraising commented: ‘We’ve been given this watch to auction by an anonymous donator and can’t thank them enough for what is a huge contribution to our fundraising efforts. The proceeds from this and the MADI Ball Rally Part Deux due later this year, will take us past the £250,000 mark, a monumental achievement in just two years and all in aid of the much worthy Anthony Nolan cause.’

To place your bid, e-mail in confidence to [email protected] For general information log on, e-mail [email protected] or help spread the word via Twitter @madifundraising.



The superlatives, anecdotes and the feedback from the inaugural MADi Ball Rally continue to describe what has been a complete and resounding success, raising over £130,000 in the process for MADi Fundraising.

The founders, Leon Day, Dan Gill and Gareth Mobley have been inundated with thanks from the drivers and co-drivers alike with many claiming a once in a lifetime experience. Yet demand has dictated that the event will be again held in 2016, with a proposed date of 5th September.

The glazing industry has long been associated with giving generously to fundraising activities and people have not just only ‘paid to play’, but other individuals and companies have added donations with more money still coming in. This event has been a unique experience for all, with 26 cars venturing out on a classic car adventure from Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent to Café de Paris, Monte Carlo.

Alas of the 26 cars that set off only 24 returned with the Glovers’ 1970 Beetle falling ill on Day 3, before the Ferrari 355 GTS of Patrick Firmager and his fiancée falling at the final hurdle in Paris. En-route the TVR of Roy Frost and Cory Hayward required a little tinkering, while the fully restored Maserati Merak of Dan Gill and James Cowdale required a little bandaging of the bonnet to keep it shut. Thankfully all vehicles have been returned to their respective owners in one piece.

Dan Gill, co-founder of MADI Fundraising commented: ‘I’m in complete awe of the generosity of the people from our industry and not just the drivers and co-drivers that participated. On behalf of us as a charity, I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done to help us launch the charity and for us to now move on to regular events in the industry calendar.’


MADis-at-100k-AlreadyMADI’S AT £100,000 ALREADY

MADi Fundraising had an incredible first year, with over £100,000 raised in 2014, even before their first major event, the inaugural MADI-Ball Rally has even commenced.

In total, £108,000 has already been donated to Anthony Nolan Trust, thanks to the generosity of the people, friends and families of the glazing industry. A significant donation from profine UK (Kömmerling), the FIT Show stand and Gala Dinner casino, along with the G-Awards sponsored casino have all contributed to the large initial donation, along with the entries for the MADi Ball Rally.

In just a few months, 26 figureheads from the glazing industry will drive from Brands Hatch to Café de Paris Monte-Carlo in Monaco, in a range of classic cars including a 1989 Golf GTI Cabriolet, Maserati Merak, Porsche 911 Targa and even a 1990 Citroen 2CV. Several people are already having their various cars fully stripped and restored for the event.

Dan Gill, co-founder of the event commented: ‘We’re truly astonished at the response and generosity from people about the charity and the forthcoming events. To raise over £100,000 in our first year is quite an achievement and we believe we’ll easily surpass this in 2015.

He continues: ‘It goes without saying that the monies we raise for Anthony Nolan will make an incredible difference, as I know this from first hand experience with our daughter Maddie.’



MADi Fundraising was officially launched at the FIT Show 2014 to great acclaim, with an exhibition stand promoting their MADi Ball Rally and their chosen charity for the next two years, Anthony Nolan Trust. For the revellers at the Gala Dinner, they also sponsored the casino and raffle that raised an incredible £10,300 in the process.

As you would expect from Gareth Mobley, Dan Gill and Leon Day, MADi Fundraising was launched with a true sense of style at the FIT Show. A number of high profile industry figureheads added their name to the inaugural MADi Ball Rally list, on a stand that feature a fully liveried TVR Cerbera.

This new charity has been set up to appeal to a wide audience from the glazing industry, with the team promising a diverse range of events far from the norm, as this first event shows. The 2015 inaugural MADi Ball Rally will take 24 cars all owned by people from the industry on an amazing journey from Silverstone to Cafe Paris in Monaco, culminating in a black tie evening.

Some of the new drivers that signed up at the show included Ryan Johnson from Emplas and Chris Baron and Chris Cooke of Prefix Systems. Other drivers already confirmed include: Nick Dutton, Andrew Glover, Mark Bromley, Patrick Firmanger, Andy Jones, Guy Hubble, Paul ?, Joe Hague, Peter Dyer, Roy Frost, Bruce Parczuk, Paul Godwin, Andrew Scott and Andy Westhead. Not to mention the MADi founders Gareth Mobley, Dan Gill and Leon Day who have already bought their cars ready for the event!

Dan Gill, co-founder of MADi Fundraising commented: ‘We’re absolutely astonished by the reception our new charity has received and clearly we have struck a cord with the wider audience of the glazing industry. The casino night at the FIT Show Gala Dinner was a great start to what is a long-term plan to raise considerable funds for children’s charities, starting with Anthony Nolan Trust, something incredibly close to my heart.’




With the glazing industry’s new MADi Fundraising charity having just been launched to great excitement at the FIT Show, the founding committee recently went to Anthony Nolan HQ in London, to understand a little more about their chosen charity for the next 18 months.

The Anthony Nolan Trust match incredible individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people who desperately need lifesaving transplants. They conduct groundbreaking research to improve the success rates of transplants and improve the lives of all people with blood cancer.

The founding members of MADi Fundraising (Leon Day, Dan Gill and Gareth Mobley) were shown the laboratories where potential donor swabs are analysed and stored and also followed a blood sample through a detail analysis and donor matching process.

Two of the main Anthony Nolan campaigns that MADi Fundraising will be promoting are the ‘Are You Fit to Spit?’ and also the ‘8 Ways You Could Save a Life,’ each of these are prominent on the Anthony Nolan website at

It seems incredible that the UK has only 500,000 people on the donor register with around 400 matches per annum, when Germany has 10 times this figure. As you read this you may want to consider adding yourself to the register, as it takes just 2 minutes at for the over 30’s and for the under 30’s. It’s a sobering statistic that half the patients in the UK die before a matched donor is found.  

It also costs the charity £100 to process a donor swab, so fundraising is critical, hence the fact that Anthony Nolan have been chosen as the preferred charity of MADi Fundraising for the next 18 months.

Dan Gill, co-founder of MADi Fundraising commented: ‘It was an incredible visit to Anthony Nolan obviously from a personal point of view given our family’s first hand experience of the work they do, but also for us as a team. Not only do we aim to raise much needed funds, but we’re actively encouraging people to add their name to the register and we’d like to think we can get 1,000 new people on their from the industry in the next 18 months.’

Give money, save lives. Your support can help save the lives of people with blood cancer. Every 20 minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer. Help us to help them.

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