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Name and role within MADi
Leon Day, co-founder.

What is your daytime job?
Managing director of Universal Arches. We’re the UK’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of shaped window and door frames including circular pivot and arched sliding sash windows.

Along with your colleagues, why did you bring together MADi?
As I come face to face with more people in need of charitable support and the more I have attended gala dinners and other events that support charities, the more I’ve wished to be a part of a fundraising culture. It all really started when we cycled as part of the GM Fundraising team across Route 66 in September 2013. Like Gareth, it was the issues that Dan and his family have faced that drove us all to setting up MADI Fundraising and I’m passionate about it.

Do you have any previous charity involvement?
GM Fundraising’s Hope 66 cycling challenge was a big eye opener for me. I have attended many charity events over the years and have successfully bid for memorabilia, but the more I’ve experienced the more I’ve wanted to get involved.

What do you hope to achieve in MADi?
We’d like to make MADI the charity of choice for the entire glazing industry and not just a few. Our first few events will be taking us away from the golf days and bike rides into new waters, or rather cars!

What are your hobbies and interests?
With a long working week, family time is particularly important to me and I like nothing more than disappearing with them in the caravan for a weekend. Like all of us to a degree we enjoy our cycling and it’s been something that has helped me get fitter, loose weight and importantly I’ve stopped smoking.

Which football (or other sports) team do you support?
I follow all types of sports though I have a passion for F1 and football. As I don’t live in Manchester my team is…Manchester United!

What would be your dream car?
When it comes to this I look backwards to when I first passed my test. I really wanted a Mk1 Golf Cabriolet Clipper and my £350 budget wouldn't stretch to that, so a Ford Fiesta 1.1 Popular Plus it was!

Finally, who is the person you most admire and why?
Up until recently I could have picked any number of people. However I don’t think you need to look very far to see some incredible people who have fought through considerable adversity. Perhaps the people I most admire will be the ones that MADi can and will help.

Thank you Leon.

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