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Name and role within MADi
Dan Gill, co-founder.

What is your daytime job?
Managing director of Window Widgets and Eclectic Systems. We supply ancillary window components through Window Widgets and the Residence 9 window system through Eclectic Systems.

Along with your colleagues, why did you bring together MADi?
On my return from the Hope 66 GM Fundraising ride across Route 66, my youngest daughter, Maddi, was suddenly diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. It’s a rare condition (measured as rarer than 1 in a million) which basically means bone marrow failure. Maddi had been perfectly healthy and the diagnosis was clearly a big shock and devastating to the whole family. We are 7 months into treatment now and we are hoping for a positive outcome after a recent bone marrow transplant. When your bubble bursts like this you realize the importance of charity work and in our case, the crucial role of Anthony Nolan in finding a matched bone marrow.

Do you have any previous charity involvement?
I’ve always supported GM Fundraising and did the Route 66 ride last year. The importance of giving something back and charity fundraising in general, is something that is now more than ever, very special to me.

What do you hope to achieve in MADi?
Gareth and Leon have very kindly agreed to raise money for my chosen cause this year, despite both having special causes very close to them. I’m extremely grateful as my chosen charity has literally given Maddi a lifesaving opportunity. So, this year we are raising money for The Anthony Nolan Trust. We also hope to have a stand at the FIT Show where the organisers have very kindly agreed that we can arrange for people to be swabbed and join the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Register. Someone at the show may actually save a life and it’s really easy to do. In subsequent years, the team aims to raise money for charities nominated by others from the window industry.

What are your hobbies and interests?
Cycling and classic cars.

Which football (or other sports) team do you support?
Living in Bournemouth…it’s obviously Manchester United!

What would be your dream car?
Give me an old classic over a modern one any day. I like the cars that influenced me in the 1980’s that I couldn’t afford back then. These modern classics are just so cool! I have a Fiat X19 and an old Porsche 911 Targa from ’85.

Finally, who is the person you most admire and why?
Stephen Sutton who was positive to the end. He was inspiring and helped others in such difficult circumstances. Some of his public speaking on YouTube to fellow teenagers with cancer was and is invaluable and his positivity was quite frankly astonishing. What he achieved in the 4 years since diagnosis has been overwhelming.

Thank you Dan.

Give money, save lives. Your support can help save the lives of people with blood cancer. Every 20 minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer. Help us to help them.

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